Pointe shoe fittings are unlike any other shoe fitting you'll ever experience. Similarly to the magic wands at Ollivanders, you'll have to try on many pairs of shoes until you find the perfect fit. As your feet, technique, and preferences change during the course of your dancing career, so may your pointe shoes. We're here to make sure that you leave with a pair of shoes that ensures that you'll be dancing happily and safely. To ensure you'll receive the best fitting possible, we request that you book a fitting appointment, whether you're buying your first pair or your tenth.

Our fitters go through hours of extensive training from leading experts in the industry and from the brands themselves. Unlike other dance stores, we have had the privilege of flying directly to our most popular brands' workshops for intensive training. We pay extra attention to technique and physiology to ensure that your shoes are safe for you feet and function beautifully with your dancing. Every fitter either is or has been a dancer, giving them both further knowledge and understanding of what you're feeling on the inside of your shoes. There is so much to learn about pointe and we would be happy to share knowledge from proper foot care, anatomy and making of pointe shoes, and so much more!

Pointe shoe fittings will be taken by appointment only

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when booking your pointe shoe appointment:

Dress for Success

We recommend wearing a pair of convertible tights and stretchy bottoms. Convertible tights allow your fitter to see the shape of your toes and recommend the best padding and spacers.  Since you'll be doing some plies, tendus, and releves, it will help to have on clothing that allows you to easily move. You'll also want to make sure that your toenails are short (we recommend clippers to take off a lot of length, but files are best).

Do Your Homework

If you are returning for a new pair of shoes, bring your old pair in so we can see how they broke in. Take notes of what you liked and/or disliked about them so your fitter can help guide you to different pairs to try on. If your teacher has a suggestion of a particular style or if you are curious to try a certain style on, make sure to write it down or keep it in your memory. We will use your teacher's preferences and your requests as a guide to help determine the pair that works best for your feet while still fits properly.

Speak Up

It is extremely important to communicate with your fitter! Do not be afraid to let her know if you are experiencing discomfort or pain. Be sure to describe what you're feeling with descriptive words and point out exactly where you're feeling it. This will ensure that you receive the best fitting possible.

Keep an Open Mind

You may have your heart set on a specific brand or model or may not have liked some shoes in the past, but keep an open mind to your fitter's suggestions. As your feet are constantly changing, you may find that a shoe that you disliked in the past works exceptionally now! Seeing a particular brand, size, or model helps guide your fitter learn more about your feet and can help to decide on what to grab next to try on. You may be pleasantly surprised by the way a shoe feels when you try it on. We ensure that we would never let you purchase a pair of shoes that does not fit and support your feet perfectly.

Return to Your Fitter

Seeing the same fitter each time allows her to study your progress and be able to more easily pinpoint the perfect pair of shoes for you. Since you may not find your perfect pair the first time around, it is important to go back to the fitter that last saw you to let her know what you did or did not love about your shoes. Since she knows your feet the best, she can give recommendations and explanations to why your shoes may have broken in a certain way and how to fix it.

Pointe Shoe Loyalty Program

We love our repeat customers! When you purchase your pointe shoes with Fanci Footworks, you'll be automatically entered into our loyalty program. 

1st pair of shoes: retail price
2nd pair of shoes: 5% off
3rd pair of shoes: 10% off
4th pair of shoes: 15% off
all other pairs: 20% off

~ Offer Valid In-Store Only. Discounts are counted per individual dancer. Not Valid Toward Suffolk Brand Pointe Shoes ~