Professional Services

*Pointe shoe fittings will be taken by appointment only! Click Here to book your fitting*


Fanci Footworks is hereby designated a

Having demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the fitting of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, along with and understanding of how to maximize the comfort and benefit to the dancer.
Eliza Minden, President, Gaynor Minden Inc.


Here's how it works...
Purchase 1st pair and receive 5% off your 2nd pair
Purchase 2nd pair and receive 10% off your 3rd pair
Purchase 3rd pair and receive 15% off your 4th pair
Purchase 4th pair and receive 20% off your 5th & every pair purchased!!!
~ Offer Valid In-Store Only. Not Valid Toward Suffolk Brand Pointe Shoes ~

If you have a pair of pointe shoes you'd like to sign, we'll hang them in our hall of fame and you'll received $5 off your new pair (1 time only)!


I strongly believe that pointe shoes should be fitted by a professional that is willing to spend some time with you, and explain the anatomy of the shoe, how it should fit & feel. Even though the first pair may feel great, I prefer to try several other styles just to make sure. I handle all of my pointe shoe fittings by appointment only. 

 If you live the metro Detroit area, please feel free to book your appointment using the link above. For beginners, or if you're new to us, I will spend on an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour with you. Less time is needed if you've been here before, or if you are an experienced dancer. You will need to have your toe nails filed, {I find that you will have better control of the length of your nails by filing them. Do not cut them with toe nail clippers, as this can cause cracking down into the nail bed and ingrown toe nails}, a pair of convertible (transition) tights, your most recent pair of pointe shoes, spacers and toe pads.

Going en Pointe for the first time can be a very exciting experience!! When purchasing your first pair, please keep in mind that you will need to find a pair of shoes that fit you properly. Pointe shoes that do not fit can cause hairline fractures, bunions, hammer toes, blisters, ankle sprains and lower back pain.