• 1910 Ovation Gear Performance Bag

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    This product boasts the following features:

    • Ability to hold up to 15 costumes
    • Light colored interior cavity to make seeing what you have packed inside a breeze
    • Collapsible design allows for easy storage during the off season, while the included stability poles keeps the bag stable when in use
    • Trolley bag design with a sturdy handle and rugged wheels for easy travel
    • Spacious interior with several storage pockets to fit all of your necessities in one place
    • Interior hanger hooks help keep clothing upright and organized while in transit
    • Steady and secure rack system sets up quickly, easily holding all your costumes for quick access
    • Insulated pocket for that in between snack
    • Black Velcro patch that can be personalized
    • Smooth rolling wheels makes traveling with your bag effortless
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