• BH310 Bunheads Flexers Ribbon

    $7.00 $6.30

    “I can’t imagine using any other ribbons. They allow for extra flexion, and make going through the full range of motion from flat to pointe seamless.” 
    - Skylar Brandt, Capezio® Athlete 

    • 7/8" wide, durable, single-faced matte satin Rehearsal ribbon
    • Alleviates pressure on the Achilles tendon
    • Stretches with the movement of the ankle
    • Enables the dancer to rise from Plié to pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess
    • Recommended by physical therapists, used by professionals
    • 2 yards in length
    • 4 per set
    • See Stitch Kit™ for sewing instructions