• Zebra Zuca Insert

    $47.50 $23.75

    Say Hello to ZÜCA,

    A true all-around athlete, the patented design of the ZÜCA Sport demands attention. Agile. Graceful. Absurdly versatile. And with a light, super-strong aluminum frame and oversized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even school hallways and cracked sidewalks can't slow its roll. Other sweet features? A removable hand washable bag. Wheels that flash. Tons of custom combos. And yes, a built-in seat. Ready? Game on.
    All the new bags have many improvements you asked for including:
    • A floor panel to protect the bottom
    • A net pocket inside at the top of the bag
    • Better fabric
    • Attractive ZUCA zipper pulls that won't break
    • Zipper Tubes that cover the front supports and improve color coordination
    • Cell phone pockets on both sides
    • The front door now opens like a door instead of flopping on the ground when open
    • The inside of the door is now easier to access for embroidery
    • Higher quality zippers
    • Improved water resistance
    • And many more
    • This item is a final sale- no returns or exchanges will be accepted.